Thursday, 6 June 2013


Well the blog has only been going for a few days and already the interest has been exceptional!
In fact there has been so much interest that if everyone that says they will come, does, I will not have enough space.

What I need to do is work out who is really 100% committed to the show from those that think they are.
As such I am taking payments NOW for those that want to attend as a gamer/exhibitor/trader.
This means that those who really want to come are assured a spot, as once paid your name is on the list and you are drawn onto the floor plan.
It also means that I can gauge interest and once the floor plan is maxed out I have the option of hiring another room at the same venue if people are still keen.

Yes it is a long way off, yes you don't normally pay a year in advance.
But, this is not normal, and neither am I for that matter.

If I can be assured that people are serious (by their financial commitment) then I can invest more of my own money into the event by hiring more rooms and more tables etc.
I am even considering having a figure made for the show; Blaster Bob, the show Mascot.

So please, if you want to come, let me know:    and be ready to be asked to pay now to secure your space.


Thanks to everyone so far that has expressed an interest and especially to those that have paid!
 Let’s make this show Blast-Tastic!



  1. I have already stated that I will be looking to attend with either a Space 1889/Aeronef game or a 40mm Flash Gordon game.

    I will get you a 100% commitment over the next couple of months.

    I'm actually looking forward to it.


  2. Hi there

    I'm interested in putting on a game at Blast tastic this year
    Content to be finalised but either XCOM the TTop game or Aliens this time it's war!

    Drop me a line at


  3. Hi Captain.

    I just want to check that you know the show is next year, not this year?


  4. Whoops! I hadn't spotted that
    Not being one to read instructions before assembly :(
    Nevertheless I'm still game
    So will mail you directly


  5. Hi, it's great that you are trying to set up another wargames show in Bristol, although it will be interesting to see if this one might be a little close to the Reveille show which seems to run at the end of every November. I guess you've invited the Lincombe Barn gamers and the Bristol Big'uns and Bristol Vanguard who all seem to have a sci fi background. Is this to be a WH40K free zone (I would guess not) and is this to be sf only or is fantasy allowed in too (for which define fantasy)? Hope it goes well.

  6. Hi.

    I have sent e-mails to all the clubs where I could find an e-mail address for them.
    One of the Bristol clubs did not have any clear contact us details so I left them, I can't recall who it was though...

    Not 40k free no.
    I will popping into the GW local to me to invite them and to make their gamers aware too.
    Please feel free to make anyone aware that you think may me interested.


  7. Looks like a good day, I've stuck it onto the calendar.